North Korea Imminent Nuke Attack!

What are they saying here? That it is imminent because USA Gov BIGLY is preparing a massive strike on North Korea?

Or, are they saying that Seattle will be sacrificed in a false flag to justify attacking North Korea?

North Korea, contrary to what your government wants you to believe, is not going to just arbitrarily “Nuke AmuriKa” just because it may have the means to do so.

A United States senator has just warned that a nuclear attack by North Korea is imminent. He wants Washinton state to prepare for the strike, but right now, a little law is getting in his way.

Senator Warns Of Imminent Nuke Attack On Seattle

On the other hand, we can’t prepare for one… from anyone… because it may signal that we are imminently prepared to nuke someone else? Well, anyhow… thankfully we have the Ollie North and Ronald Reagan Continuity of Government Plan!

Watch the reaction on that traitors face.


Your government has no plans on saving your ass…

Personally, I would have no problem with a surprise sudden decapitating and catastrophic destruction of Washington D.C.

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