More Mentally Deranged Cops In Action

The Girls State director along with six Florida State Troopers, all female, pulled an attendee aside and told her she would be participating in a kidnapping drill, one which highlighted the real-world problem of sex trafficking. Under the cover of secrecy, the volunteer named “Katrina” was taken to a safe place. Thereafter, roll call was taken with the remaining girls.

Carlyle, who volunteered this year to be a camp counselor, said when the count-off got to number 8, “We realized Katrina was missing.” Soon the State Troopers began screaming, she’d been kidnapped, and blamed several girls for her abduction.

The troopers told the attendees the girl had been kidnapped and was probably sold as a sex slave to human traffickers who would use her for prostitution purposes.

They began blaming the other girls in the room, as well. “I’ll never forget that feeling of just that ‘it’s totally my fault and now I’ll have to tell her parents she’d been taken,’” Carlyle said speaking of the experience.

It wasn’t until about a half-hour later, amid tears and paralyzing fears from attendees, that the girls learned their fellow camper was unharmed.

Carlyle said she had 17 girls who simply did not sleep that night, traumatized by the training experience gone horribly wrong. One girl in the program had been involved in a real human sex trafficking incident when she was younger and was emotionally shaken.

Kids Horrified After Cops Hold Mock Child Sex Trafficking Drill, Without Saying It’s a Drill

Seriously, cops have some kind of severe moral and mental damage to keep pulling stunts like this. It is almost as if they relish doing this crap. This is what happens when do-gooderism is taken to the extreme. And it never occurred to these idiots that maybe… this wasn’t such a good idea.

More dumb-ass copdom in action:

A family is grieving after video showed police came to their home, lure their beloved dog Zeus out of their backyard and then kill him. The family is now crying foul asking why police were at their home in the first place.

Sadly, this trend shows no signs of slowing

Day after day, ought to prove to you, that by and large, most cops are severely mentally deranged.


Arrested, charged with felony, for having Mother Nature in possession that had not germinated.

Man Charged with Felony Marijuana Possession — Had No Actual Weed

Cops in a nutshell: All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. – Benito Mussolini

And you can bet your life, when this Globalist NWO goes full bloom, every single cop will be its enforcer. You will NOT see mass walk-offs. Need proof? Remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be?

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The Religion Of Peace

What the lying, globalist media rats won’t show you

The West.

Islam Means Death To America – Multiple links

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America’s Fight Against ISIS Is A Lie

But first: Yawn and whatever.

Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria

Of course, this isn’t the first time we have seen ISIS escape in convoys right under the nose of our military. And the globalist crusade for regime change marches on.

Dirty Open Secret: US Created and Supports ISIS

The Con Con/COG Dual Threat To The Republic

Trump Gives Pentagon Unilateral Authority To Set Afghan Troop Levels

Our NATO partners in the fight against ter-er-er-ism…


And other news, our hero’s do it again, and again…:

WATCH: Cops Mistake Innocent Man’s License for a Fake, So They Beat and Arrest Him

In 3 Months, a Cop Killed Someone, Punched a Child, Spat on Mentally Ill Man & He’s Still a Cop

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Pat Buchanan Asks…

“Are We Nearing Civil War?”

Well, if we are, this is what it should look like:

I watched a few clips of the Sessions grilling. And still, despite the months of former FBI Director Comey, and CIA Director Brennan, and a few others flatly denying any collusion between Trump and his people with “The Russians™“, these idiots on both sides of the aisle, are going to dig to China, and from there, to the deepest regions of space, to try and find a flea turd on Trump and his people.

I’m suggesting that Mueller play his cards very carefully. Here, here, and here.

The fact is, this whole investigation has become nothing more than a game of word salad.

But then, when didn’t a little chaos benefit the globalists?

Now, if Washington D.C. ended up in that above condition, at the hands of anyone, foreign or domestic… I’m just not going to shed a tear. Particularly if the likes of Comey and others of his kind, dumbcrat and repukocrat, are buried dead beneath the debris of destruction.

One Possible Solution – We’ll see.

But if it heads this way, you had BETTER put your niceness out of the question. By the way… NSA Building Dossiers on Every American – And you can bet, if you have certain… proclivities of wrongthink, you are in it.

I don’t like Trump. But I don’t like everyone else… worse.

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My Life Sucks Because Mummy And Daddy Continues

Because mummy and daddy were clueless, and I took their advise.

As an X-er, I faithfully followed nearly all the advice given by my boomer parents, and it got me diddly-squat.


So, instead of selling 200 million dollars worth of sound cards more than two years before Media Vision did with a vastly inferior product, I now have a BS in Economics with a second major in East Asian Studies and a minor in History. None of which has ever profited me so much as a single dime.

It just never ends. Speaking of endless narcissism. Why… if they never had listened to mummy and daddy, they’d all be the life of the party today!

On the other hand, they have no clue where they would be today, if they hadn’t listened to mummy and daddy. But then, their life sucks, because mummy and daddy.

Life is full of could haves. But it’s mummy and daddy’s fault that your little narcissistic lives are not perfect according to your all grown-up idea of what your life should have been… could have been, would have been, without mummy and daddy.

Mummy and daddy are responsible for this…

Dildos, not guns.

In fact, mummy and daddy are responsible for everything wrong in this world that just fucked up, and fucks up, my life!

The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.

Get over it snowflakes.

And look! Here is mummy and daddy creating the Federal Reserve!

And here is mummy and daddy creating the bail-outs!

And here is mummy and daddy creating the College Tuition Plan!

Look at what boomer mummy and daddy created!

Mummy! Daddy! It’s all your fault!

And look at this. Mummy and daddy created all these nifty clubs too! One reason why American jobs have gone overseas. Mummy and daddy are responsible for Globalism!

I could go on.

Man. Kind.

From the very beginning.

And these pathetic, narcissistic, X’ers and Millennials lament that they are not the “greatest generation”, because mummy and daddy. Because mummy and daddy are all that is wrong with the world and this generation.

I almost wasn’t going to put this here, but decided to anyhow. Guess who I am speaking of…

But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and every herb, and neglect justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. Woe to you Pharisees! For you love the best seat in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplaces. Woe to you! For you are like unmarked graves, and people walk over them without knowing it.

Woe to you lawyers also! For you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers.  Woe to you! For you build the tombs of the prophets whom your fathers killed. So you are witnesses and you consent to the deeds of your fathers, for they killed them, and you build their tombs.

You dumb-asses have misdirected your… bitterness.

The pharisees and lawyers of our time, are not… mummy and daddy.

They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.

And until every generation alive today gets… it… you will continue in your life as slaves of corruption.

So this is what the X’er and Millennial Alt-Right movement has come to.

Everything wrong with America, and with the X’er and Millennial generation, falls on the shoulders of the boomers. And now… we know why the new Bowel Movement will go far.

Just as soon as all the boomers die.

And crap! I almost forgot! L’ingMAO! When the “Beatles” are forgotten and never remembered and mentioned again!

10. I’m Not a Fascist. But My Sons Are. June 13, 2017 11:25 AM

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

An idiom that is invariably true.

And yet nearly always false when it falls from the lips of a Boomer.

Know what is amusing? Every single man I knew growing up, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Nothing was given to them. They expected nothing, but an honest wage for an honest days work. My father worked his ass off to provide for us. Eventually becoming the shop foreman. I’m not talking about a little machine shop. I am talking about an industrial sized machine shop. He earned every bit of it… because he pulled up his bootstraps. My father, and every man I knew growing up, are not responsible for the mess these whiny little bitches find themselves in.

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It’s That Time Again! Boomer Bashing!

Seriously, it’s like some annual ritual where we get the X’ers and Millennials all riled up, looking back at their mummy and daddy days, to get them to regress back into their early childhood thumb-sucking.

Z Man: The Coming Boomercide

The Zman has a few ideas concerning why their grandchildren hate the Boomers

You just have to read the comments from the X’ers and Millennials.

I mean, look… if I was part of TP’sTB crowd, this is exactly what I would do. Rehash over and over again how the boomers screwed the X’ers and Millennials. And make them all wish the boomers would just fuck off and die. Because, ya know… when the boomers are all dead, it’s freedumb and libertard party time for the X’ers and Millennials!

And what these X’ers and Millennials fail to grasp… is that they are being snowflaked. And then what do the X’ers and Millennials do when they get snowflaked? They start SNOWFLAKING on the BOOMERS!

Wahhhh! Wahhhh!

Snowflaking on the boomers.

And as long as TP’sTB can keep the X’ers and Millennials snowflaking on mummy and daddy… the better for them.

But, but… we’ll show those boomers!

It’s not our fault! If it weren’t for mummy and daddy… we wouldn’t be doing this!

When the boomers are all gone and dead… why, the X’ers and Millennials will fill the White House, Congress, and Senate with X’er and Millennial Alt-Righters!

Milo for President!

And… if TP’sTB of the X’er and Millennial generation get in the way… why the X’er and Millennial Alt-Righters will go to plan B!

Just keep those X’ers and Millennials regressing.

It’s amusing. The devil blames God, Eve blames the devil, Adam blames his wife. Guess what happened… all 3 were cursed. And these X’ers and Millennials think they will stand before God on judgement day… and blame mummy and daddy. No doubt while thumb-sucking.

What a massive psyops of generational deflection.

Stoo-pid fucks. Remember when Frank Zappa said: “If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’ll murder you in your sleep.” That is back in 1965!

That was the BOOMERS talking about… WHO?

You see how this generational blame game works now?

Or, are you just going keep being STUCK ON STOO-PID?

And you wonder why we are, where we are now?

No wonder the Bowel Movement can’t move forward. It’s been to busy looking backwards up its anal canal playing the blame game.

And dumb-fucks think they are being smart doing this.

It reminds of those who blame the Founders of this country for not making a self-enforcing constitution. When those same Founders repeatedly told you, that it was not self-enforcing… and, IT WAS/IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTY TO ENFORCE IT. But then, it’s much easier to blame the boomers… er, Founders, so you have an excuse to do nothing. Well… except for generational blaming, strutting, and pontificating.

Want your country back? Want freedumb and libertard? Then you must do what every generation before you refused to do.

Do you even know what the generational ELITE and POWERS THAT BE are doing? They are all LAUGHING at you. As they carry on the work of their ANCESTORS. While you thumb-suck on your mummy and daddies.

But, but, but… we’ll show our mummies and daddies! You just wait and see!


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The Convergence Is Here

It is here. It is now. It is saturating every aspect of your life.

Are you old enough to remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where you will be.

What is that you say? Yer gonna get yer freedumb and libertard back? Just wait and see? Just as soon as TP’sTB push you far enough? Right after it all comes crashing down? Then yer gonna show dem? That you really, really, mean business?

I hate to be the one to pop your bubble, but the whole so-called patriot movement, freedumb and libertard movement, isn’t even a flea turd on TP’sTB back.

At best, you’ll be lucky to be that hunted dog, always one step ahead, always looking over your shoulder, one foot in death’s door.

Just keep repeating this to yourselves:

They played the flute for us, and we did not dance; they sang a dirge and we did not mourn.

You won’t watch it.

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Cops Fondle And Molest 900 Students To Prove They Are Innocent

If you haven’t done anything wrong, and nothing to hide…

Defendants’ searches of students were intrusive, performed in an aggressive manner, and done in full view of other students. For example: a) Deputies ordered students to stand facing the wall with their hands and legs spread wide apart; b) Deputies touched and manipulated students’ breasts and genitals; c) Deputies inserted fingers inside girls’ bras, and pulled up girls’ bras, touching and partially exposing their bare breasts. d) Deputies touched girls’ underwear by placing hands inside the waistbands of their pants or reaching up their dresses; e) Deputies touched girls’ vaginal areas through their underwear; f) Deputies cupped or groped boys’ genitals and touched their buttocks through their pants. 8. Defendants had no warrant or other authority to perform a mass search on hundreds of public school children.

Naturally, Sheriff Jeff Hobby is standing by this rights violation on a massive scale, noting that as long as a school administrator was present, the search of the children was legal.

900 illegal, suspicionless searches.

By the way… more than 40 cops from five other law enforcement agencies participated in the raid.

In related news…

Donald “God-Emperor” Trump In Act Of Mutual Masturbation

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From Drudge:








As long as you keep inviting, and tolerating, rabid dogs into your home… you are going to get mauled.

Now… why should I get the feelz for the idiots that allow this?

Either the people storm the Parliament, or they don’t.

Maybe… an eye for an eye on the London Mayor?

Muslims Take Over New York Street – Start Praying in Front of Trump Tower for Ramadan (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Pope says Quran is a book of peace and Islam is not a violent religion

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A Prediction…

The Deep State will involve the U.S.A. Bigly in a major conflict and ride on the coat-tail of Nationalism (God Emperor-ism) Bigly.

Anyhow. My wife is hanging in there. She’s getting up and about with the help of a walker. She’s like me, gets antsy from sitting to long. Doing her home exercises, which just kills her. Goes to PT at the end of next week. It’ll be 6 to 8 weeks for a full recovery. It’s true about red-heads… they just eat the pain.

Alright. Links accumulated over the past 3 days of reading.


Increasing pace of pursuing nuclear weapons

I would to if I had 2-3 Aircraft Carriers parked off my door-step threatening me with invasion/annihilation. But that is how we are. U.S.A. Bigly hasn’t been attacked/invaded since WWII. Every conflict U.S.A. Bigly has been involved in since… is because we don’t like you. Because Muh Dumbocracy. Or, you won’t allow our pipelines. Or, you won’t allow us to rape your resources. Or, you are going to a gold-backed system. Or, you won’t assimilate into the NWO system. But I just kept repeating myself.

“You better do what we say! Or else!”

Russian Lawmaker Issues Sobering Threat: We’re Willing To Use Nukes To Defend Crimea

US Warns Syrian Army Against Encroaching on Syrian Territory

US Drops Leaflets In Tanf To Warn Syrian Military Not To Advance, Orders Retreat

‘Very Sensitive’ Government Inquiry into Saudi Arabian Funding of Jihadi Groups May Never Be Published – MuriKa! Let that sink in.

America’s Iran Hysteria – Just because they’re not Globalist butt-kissers like the Sunni-Wahhabi’s who are the Globalists useful tools.

Fusing With The Enemy: What Did Trump Really Do In Saudi Arabia?

The Military-Industrial Complex is in Love with Trump

Egyptian President Calls Out Trump and Saudi Arabia for Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

Shifting The Blame: How US Made Iran Responsible For 9/11

More links.

Media Blackout as US Senators Meet in Secret with Global Elite Only Miles from White House – Americans won’t do it. But I’ll pass if those CIA-Freedom Jihadists just by chance did. But then, that is why it won’t.

Number of Refugees Admitted into U.S. Increased by Nineteen Percent in May, Slightly Fewer Are Muslim

Trump Quietly Continues Obama’s ‘Catch and Release’ at Border

Boy ‘Identifying’ as Girl Swamps Opponents in Connecticut High School Track Meet


Jerry Brown: Trump’s Paris Climate Change Pullout ‘Insane,’ ‘Deviant Behavior’

Pelosi: Trump Dishonored God By Walking Away From Paris Accord

LMAO. But don’t worry, the “God-Emperor” will reevaluate the accord, and make a deal. Just because he is a Nationalist and a Globalist. And Ivanka.


Trump Demands Intense Probe Of Obama’s Political Espionage And ‘Unmasking’ Of American Citizens – Yep. Let’s see who, if anyone, goes to prison. Scape-goats don’t count.

Cop Found Guilty After Savagely Beating a Teen Football Fan for No Reason on Video

Almost half of Americans die nearly broke

Town Mortified As Govt Cuts Down, Destroys Community Fruit Forest Over Permit Issue

Snowden Smashes the Police State in Most Epic Rant Ever, ‘Terrorists Don’t Take Our Rights, Govt Does’ – It’s true. The only terrorists sitting in our government… are our own. – Federal Bureaucrat to the Public: Be Afraid!

Unbelievable! The View: Hillary Emails Were “Fake News” – Ya know, those dead old white guys knew… if ya know what I am on about.

NSA Won’t Release Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Tape – Claims “National Security”

Illegal Government Surveillance Of American Citizens Continues

Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

Dark suits run the US – No!

5 Things You’re Missing While the Internet Obsesses over ‘Covfefe’ and Kathy Griffin

The Supreme Court On Excessive Force – More HERE.

Fleeing Tyranny or Bringing it with Them?

“I Was The Victim”: Hillary Blames DNC, NYT, “1,000 Russian Agents,” Comey And WikiLeaks For Loss – Still think she’ll see the other side of prison-bars? At the least, an ankle bracelet and felon for life?

Anti-Russia spin pushed by those who lost US election & can’t face reality – Putin to Le Figaro

Are We Fighting Terrorism, Or Creating More Terrorism?

American Foreign Policy is a Trainwreck

Why you should not let your daughter whore around

Clapper: Russians ‘Genetically Driven’ to Interfere in Elections – LMAO. Ya mean like… Ukraine?

Off duty cop directing traffic fires into van full of children More HERE.

L.A. County homelessness jumps a ‘staggering’ 23% – One problem with L.A., is it is full of Mexicans.

Rabies Falling From The Sky – Yeah-yeah. Conspiracy nut-case crap. And there is no such thing as “chemtrails”.

Globalists Are Building An Army Of Millennials To Destroy Sovereignty

Intelligence Community Leaks Are Normalizing Domestic Surveillance Abusesfrom the nation’s-shit-to-remain-fucked-for-the-forseeable-future dept – And that is how it works. Just bombard the Americanus Boobus and they’ll become acclimated to it, and tired of hearing about it… and YAWN.

A Voice of Reason Speaks Regarding ‘The New Cold War’

They are a part of an overall social/legal/cultural trend that we see not only in the US…


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