But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.

CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

The Future of Extremism: Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Biology Will Transform Terrorism

Virtual Reality Headsets Concern Doctors

Synthetic Biology Research May Enable Future Capabilities for Soldiers

China is at the forefront of manipulating DNA to create a new class of superhumans

Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality

Terrifying insect-sized robots could render humanity EXTINCT ‘by the end of this century’, expert warns

The terrifying DNA discoveries that are making science-fiction fact

Designer babies and the chilling echoes of eugenics

Get Ready for Drug-Delivering Tattoos and Bones That Can Harvest Energy

Russia Joins US in Race to Field Gun-Launched Swarmbots

Elon Musk Launches Neuralink to Connect Brains With Computers

Smart Dust Is Coming: New Camera Is the Size of a Grain of Salt

Mini-nukes and mosquito-like robot weapons being primed for future warfare

The Whole POINT of the Internet of Things Is So Big Brother Can Spy On You

Scientists discover how to ‘upload knowledge to your brain’

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language

Technological singularity will turn us into super humans some time in the next 12 years

Self-Replicating “DNA Computers” Are Set to Change Everything

Your brain is unique – here’s how it could be used as the ultimate security password

Dead could be brought ‘back to life’ in groundbreaking project

Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants

Artificial human life could soon be grown in lab after embryo breakthrough

’Who’s in control?’ Scientists gather to discuss AI doomsday scenarios

Stronger, faster and more deadly: The ethics of developing supersoldiers

AI Experts Warn That Humanity Must Prepare Now for When Robots Demand Equal Rights

Brainjacking: are medical implants the next target for hackers?

5 new brain disorders that were born out of the digital age

Are The Human-Animal Hybrids Scientists Make Human, Beast, Or In Between?

Is Genetic Engineering Recreating the Sin of Noah’s Generation?

New World Technology; Scientists Plan To Alter Our MINDS – Delete History, Distort Morals, Plant Memories, Control Behavior

DARPA: We’re Moving to Merge Humans and Machines

Scientific Panel Says Editing Heritable Human Genes Could Be OK In The Future

SciFriday: Computer Algorithms Rule the World

Deloitte predicts machine intelligence, not mere AI, as a big trend for 2017

Want a Job in the Future? Get Ready to Become a Cyborg — Companies Have Begun Implanting Employees with RFID Chips

Google’s “nightmare” robot getting closer to Terminator status: Will the tech giant stage the next war against humanity

What Life Will Be Like in 2022 (As Predicted by IBM)

It may sound far-fetched but its applications are endless

Belgian company offers to make its employees cyborgs with microchip implants

‘Pandora’s Box’: Tech fueling urge to be ‘gods on Earth’

City Killers – Electromagnetic Pulse Artillery Shells

It’s Time to Create a Megacities Combat Unit

Could Predictive Policing Lead to a Real-Life Minority Report?

One income for all: far-fetched, or future fact?

Transhumanism and the future of capitalism: The next meaning of life

Pregnancy Without Men? New Research Lets Us Make Babies From Skin Cells

The race to hack our brain, and save humanity could get a little more interesting

Are humans the next GMO?

Pentagon Pursues “LOCUST” Drone Swarm Technology – Precursor To Revelation 9?

New E-Verify proposal would see addition of biometric data

Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab—Here Are the Facts

Researchers find brain switch to turn rats into killer predators – are humans next?

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms

“Mankind Is Facing An Apocalyptic Moral Test” And Our Only Hope For Survival Is THE EVOLUTION OF GOD TOWARD ONE WORLD UNIVERSAL FAITH

Pentagon plans for ‘doomsday’ artillery shell containing an electromagnetic pulse weapon powerful enough to cripple an entire city’s electronics revealed

Do We Need an International Body to Regulate Genetic Engineering?

Robot rights: EU votes to grant “electronic personhood” to Robots

Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields

How Facebook could make telepathic social media possible: The science behind brain-computer interfaces

The age of the tech-enhanced human

Evolving Toward “Meta-Intelligence”

Police worldwide eye Baltimore’s vast surveillance complex (+video)

In 5 years, IBM thinks we’ll have tech to see like Superman

How Gene Editing Could Ruin Human Evolution

Algorithm Of Truth – Lie Detection Robot Coming Soon

Soldiers of the future will be augmented and indestructible

Mixing biology with technology: what could possibly go wrong?

We’re on the doorstep of what armed conflict looks like in the 21st century

Could we soon ‘upgrade’ our bodies? Extreme bionics will create modular superhumans

A new philosophy that information is the ‘Soul 2.0’ is gaining momentum

The UN Just Gave Scientists the Green Light to Mess With Natural Selection

Mind Control – Government Will Soon Control, Trigger and Read Thoughts; Brain-to-Brain Communication is Here

What Happens When Tech Takes Control of Evolution?

Will Robots Take Over? Human Rights Watch Urges Artificial Intelligence Weapons Ban

‘We’re coming close to the point where we can create people who are superior to others’

EyeVerify CEO says biometric banking breakthrough has already begun

‘Star in a Jar’ Fusion Reactor Works and Promises Infinite Energy

Remote control of the brain is coming: How will we use it?

Gene Editing Must Reckon With the Unforeseen

Searching for Lost Knowledge in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Bioethicists Want To Purge Christian Doctors

Israel Will Require All Citizens to be Biometrically Scanned

DARPA seeking mathematically optimized human machine A-Teams

US, China, Russia Gearing Up “FUTURE WAR” In Space

DARPA researchers are developing responses for accidental or malicious “genetic spills”

China is at the forefront of manipulating DNA to create a new class of superhumans

Synthetic Biology Research May Enable Future Capabilities for Soldiers

The Future of Extremism: Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Biology Will Transform Terrorism

How Network Neuroscience Is Creating a New Era of Mind Control

Our physical dimension is thinning, and will disappear soon

10 Ludicrously Advanced Technologies We Can Expect by the Year 2100

How Network Neuroscience Is Creating a New Era of Mind Control

The perils of planned extinctions

Physicists Think They’ve Just Found a Self-Destruct Button for the Universe

The rise of the machines

Researchers awarded grant to continue investigations into brain biometrics technology

Japanese Scientists’ Artificial Eggs Discovery Could Lead to Designer Humans

SoftBank Is Investing in a Microchip to Make the Singularity a Reality

With pinpoint accuracy, this electronic warfare drone can black out opposing forces at will

Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality

Technocracy: The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet

Genetically engineered humans will arrive sooner than you think.

Microchip Implants Being Marketed As Human Body Enhancements

The United States has put artificial intelligence at the center of its defensestrategy

DARPA wants to prevent genetic engineering from destroying the world

If DARPA Has Their Way, BORG Brain Chips May Be The Smartphones Of Tomorrow

Experts claim mind controlled computers are just a decade away

World’s First Biometric Fingerprint Scanner For Newborns And Vaccine Tracking Is Here

New Synthetic Biology Factory Will Design, Build, And Test Exotic New Lifeforms

Now it’s time to prepare for the Machinocene

How Network Neuroscience Is Creating a New Era of Mind Control

Still more… and more… to come. Stay tuned. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.